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OpenideaL is a market prediction web application. It uses the wisdom of the crowds in order to reach strategic insights.
OpenideaL is a discussion arena where your customers are given the place to express which products and services they would like to purchase from you. The system helps you to identify the best ideas, with the highest success potential.
Insights are attained by advanced scoring calculations, and the demographic segmentation of participants.

Why is it good for me?

Openideal uses crowdsourcing to generate insights as an integral part of the process of decision-making. Get a first-hand feel of the market - Know today what customers will buy from you tomorrow.

OpenideaL helps you avoid critical mistakes in R&D investments in your products and services. It is a great tool for strengthening customer engagement with the brand and getting new ideas and suggestions to improve existing products / services directly from your consumers.




How does Openideal work?

Openideal structures the process of innovation by guiding clients to raise ideas according to leading questions and then brainstorm using a sophisticated system of votes and comments.

The system identifies trends,  and measures’ ideas popularity over time by using principles of half-life (resistance to the idea). Reports and graphs of patterns of use in the system lets  you understand the demographic segments collected.

Easy integration:
  • Register using social networks
  • Easy deployment of the system on Facebook
  • Embed widgets on sites across the web
  • Designing and branding system to customer needs
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